Volcano Run

Minimum 7 Hours

– Starting from Big Island Motorcycle Co. in the Waikoloa Beach Resort, head south on Queen Kaahumanu Highway(Hwy 19). This road will take you all the way to Volcanoes National Park, 128 miles.
– We recommend starting out by 8am. Since we don’t open til 9:30am please call to arrange an early pick up if you’d like to do this route.
– On the way to the volcano, stop at Hana Hou restaurant in Naalehu for coffee and good grinds, don’t miss the dessert case, yum. This little place has a great old Hawaii ambiance and is a fun spot to take a break. There is a gas station nearby, you will want to fill up here.

– Continue on south to Volcanoes National Park, there is a small entry fee per vehicle. Once inside, stop at the visitor’s center for information and maps. Be aware that you will not see any flowing lava inside the national park, but you are likely to see some pretty amazing steam vents (this is where all the vog comes from).

– We recommend following Crater Rim Drive which circles the Kilauea Caldera. Also please be aware that portions of Crater Rim Drive have been closed recently due to volcanic activity. There are many places to stop and explore along the drive. We like the Steam Vents, the Jaggar Museum, and the Thurston Lava Tube.

– Continue on down Chain of Craters Road which will take you all the way to the ocean. This road is very scenic and many times you can see the steam rising from the ocean where lava is flowing in. Please be aware that this road can get very windy. If you are uncomfortable riding in high winds, skipping this portion of the park might be in your best interest.
– You could easily spend a whole day exploring the park, so we recommend selecting a few highlights you want to see and limit your visit to about 2 or 3 hours so that you will have plenty of time to ride back.
– Once you are done exploring the park, head back out to the highway continuing in the same direction, toward Hilo. There are facilities (bathrooms, food) inside the park or you can stop in Volcano Village where there are restaurants and gas stations.
– Continue on past Hilo, past Honokaa, and into Waimea. Once in Waimea, you will want to get on Kawaihae Road, marked as Lindsey Road, which is a right turn at the stoplight near the big shopping center on your left.

– Continue west for about 10 miles then turn left onto Highway 19. After about 9 miles, turn right on Waikoloa Beach Drive and make your way back to Big Island Motorcycle Co.

– We don’t recommend making plans for any major stops in Hilo or along the way back as you will likely be pretty tired at this point and it’s a long ride back. Just enjoy the ride. You will want to make sure you get back with some daylight left as the roads here get very dark at night and besides, you wouldn’t want to miss any scenery, especially between Hilo and Honokaa. Get gas in Hilo, Honokaa, or Waimea, depending on where you filled up previously. There is also a gas station adjacent to Big Island Motorcycle Co.