Kohala Beaches

Minimum 2 Hours

– From Big Island Motorcycle Co., take a left on Queen K Hwy (Hwy 19). Remember! Your moped does not belong in the road with traffic, you must ride on the shoulder!
– After 1 mile turn left onto Mauna Lani Dr. Please be careful making this turn as it is simply a left turn lane, not a traffic signal. Yield to all vehicles, even if you have the right of way.
– Once inside the Mauna Lani Resort, you have several beach options. We recommend following the signs to the Malama Petroglyph Trail and beach access (north end of the resort). There is an extensive, if somewhat rocky beach here, and an amazing petroglyph site which is an easy 15 minute hike to reach the viewing area, just follow the signs. You will need sturdy or thick soled shoes to do the hike as there are plentiful kiawe thorns lining the trail, and those suckers go right through regular flip flops. If you’d like to explore the other beaches at this resort, ask at the security office near the entrance. They will give you directions and a beach pass.
– Leaving the Mauna Lani, turn left back onto the highway. Again, always yield to any vehicle, never assume they see you and always ride on the shoulder.
– After 3.5 miles, turn left again onto Puako Beach Dr. Look for the signs that say “Puako.”
– Make a right onto Kohola Way (not marked but is the 1st right) after .5 miles then left into the beach parking lot (this will be obvious). This beach is called “69’s” and is great for snorkeling and swimming. Sandy bottom, lots of shade and space to spread out. The short road to the parking lot is not paved. We do not allow you to ride the moped off-road so please walk the mopeds to the parking lot and lock them to something, or to each other. Those little tires can’t handle gravel, so you might get a flat or end up flat on your back if you decide to ride them off road.
– From 69’s take a left out of the parking lot onto Old Puako Rd (not marked). This is a one lane road so be aware of oncoming traffic.
– This will take you straight into Hapuna Beach Park. This beach is the most popular by far, and you will see why. There is a nice boogie boarding break at this beach with a sandy bottom. Lots and lots of room to find a great spot. We do not recommend this beach for snorkeling, if you want to snorkel, head back to 69’s.

– To get back to Big Island Motorcycle Co., get on to Hapuna Beach Rd, take a right onto the shoulder of the highway, go about 7 miles, then take a right onto Waikoloa Beach Drive. We will be on your right hand side, in the Kings’ Shops.
– While there are other beaches nearby that we didn’t mention, these are your best bet. Also, feel free to mix this route up a bit, or narrow it down if you are short on time. We will come up with the best route for you when you come in to get your moped, so no worries!